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Question: 3.1.2. Documents, order and procedures for conformity announcement Documents of conformity announcement The organization or individual shall announce the regulation on making 02 (two) sets of conformity announcement documents, in which 01 (one) set of documents shall be submitted directly or sent by post or portal. one door of the Department of Industry and Trade in the provinces and cities directly under the Central Government (hereinafter referred to as the Department of Industry and Trade)   In the provisions at Point above in Circular No. 21/2017 / TT-BCT dated October 23, 2017 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, our company has declared the documents right after being granted the Certificate of Conformity. The one-stop portal of Ho Chi Minh Department of Industry and Trade follows the guidelines on the website of the department as follows: “From November 15, 2018, the Department of Industry and Trade only receives online conformity announcement documents via Web portal of Department of Industry and Trade Proposing organizations and individuals producing and trading textile products in the city to apply and submit their dossiers through the above-mentioned electronic portal. "   But the question here is: When our company finishes the procedure to submit the application for publication of online textile products on the HCM City Website, the company has been selling and consuming the products. Is the stamp stamped properly and has a certificate of conformity to the market?   Case 1: Our company has to wait 5 days from the date the notice of acceptance has been accepted and on the website of the Department of Industry and Trade has successfully recorded, our company can sell. Evidence as below: Ask about the results of confirmation of conformity announcement of textile products Sender: Nguyen Tuan Hung - Email: Date of inquiry: February 27, 2019 - Phone number: 0903732389 Dear: Department of Industry and Trade Ho Chi Minh City - Nhi Chau One Member Co., Ltd. sent a registration dossier to receive the announcement of TEXTILE PRODUCTS REGULATION on February 22, 2019 but on February 27, 2019, there was no confirmation of the lake. profile. ANSWER QUESTIONS Hello Business! The application file to receive the declaration of textile and garment products of the Enterprise will be published after 05 working days. Best regards   HCMC Department of Industry and Trade [February 28, 2019]   Case 2: Our company is sold immediately upon submission of online textile products publication on HCM City Website as above. We hope to receive the advice and assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade advisory board in guiding and pointing out which case above is true so that our company can feel secure to do business in order to comply with the content in Circular 21/2017 / TT-BCT and other normative legal documents.

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