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From January 1, 2019, textile products (in Appendix 1 attached to QCVN), when making sale, exchange, marketing on the Vietnamese market (Vietnamese people use) must perform regulation, regulation conformity and CR labeling. If the product is not made for sale on the Vietnamese market, it is not required to comply with regulation, announcement of conformity and CR labeling.

In case, the company imports the goods then sells them to the enterprise in the industrial zone, the processing, the conformity implementation, the conformity announcement and the CR labeling depending on the intended use of the product:

- If an enterprise in an industrial zone or export processing zone buys products to then sell it on the Vietnamese market, such products must comply with regulations, publicize conformity and label CR;

QCVN does not specify that enterprises that sell (raw materials, products) or buying enterprises must perform the conformity, public announcement and CR marking, which is negotiated by the enterprises themselves, but must be ensure the principle that products and goods before being sold on the Vietnamese market must be announced with CR conformity stamp.

- If enterprises in export processing zones buy products for internal use (not for consumption in Vietnam market), it is not required to comply with regulations, however, the Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends that enterprises should check Product quality inspection (formaldehyde and aromatic amines metabolized from azo dyes) according to the criteria prescribed in QCVN to protect users.