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Section 3.1 Regulation QCVN 01: 2017 / BCT stipulates that “Products and goods before being sold for consumption on the Vietnamese market must be announced in conformity with the provisions of this Regulation; conformity marking (CR mark) ".

CR marks on products are signs to identify goods and products that have been inspected and certified according to QCVN 01: 2017 / BCT regulations.

In order to be able to buy products that have been checked and certified for conformity (meeting the quality requirements), consumers check whether the product has been stamped CR (if CR markup means that the product has been if it is not available, if the product is not available, the product may not be inspected and certified for conformity.) In this case, the consumer (buyer) may ask the seller or the owner of the goods. Consumers (buyers) decide whether to buy products or not.